1. Tokyo

From the recording Tokyo

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Crazy... when I first heard the beat I was like.." This sound like some oriental s#%t. Imma run wit it. Its about meeting a asian model/promoter/fan that is dying for me to perform at her home land Tokyo Japan and she is promising to take good care of me....



Please (8x)
Please come to Tokyo boy
Please come back with me and I’ll show you
A good time, please. (2x)

Verse 1
She want me to go to Tokyo/
But I never left the US before/
So, I don’t know if I should trust her though/
Cuz I just met her in a studio/
At a photo shoot/
Damn shorty is cute/
Sexy model/
And she blessed with da shape of a coca cola/
Giving me the numbers to her Motorola/
And she letting me know that she likes my flow/
And she wanna star in my next video soooo/
Later on I gave her a call/
She told me everything from the day she was born/
And how much she really wanna see me perform/
And she heard that I was heading to Hong Kong/
And if I did that it’ll be so wrong/
But before I go/
Go to Tokyo/
She’ll take me there/
Put me on a show/
But the only thing I could tell shorty was no/
She said…

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Now I’m contemplating/
Sitting in a crib looking like G-Payton/
That’s when I felt my cell phone vibration/
Looking at the caller I.D is she/
Talking up a storm/
Begging me to perform/
On her side of the world/
It be millions of girls/
That’s dying to see ya curls/
I mean dying to see ya waves/
While your on stage/
They’ll be so amazed/
So what do you say?/
I said ok/
She laughed out in joy/
The next day we deployed/
When we touched down/
Had to give thanks to the lord/
For bring us safe and sound/
She took me around/
Bought me some clothes/
Had to look good before I went to the show/
But just before I was about to perform/
That’s when something totally went wrong/
It felt like if the whole world was shaking/
Only to wake up to my phone vibrating/
She said…

(Repeat chorus)