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Shake Dizzy... My Man!!! “You’re going to be a Superstar!,” said Diana Meltzer number 1 A&R formally of Wind Up Records, after he performed for her at her private NYC Penthouse event. Shake Dizzy is the resurrection of 90s rap and reggae, his influences are Nas, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Beenie man & Bounty Killa. His sound is similar to Nas and 50 cent. Over all, Shake Dizzy stays true to the art of rhyming and being a rapper. Having such an incredible sound and persona, Teddy Riley invited him to his personal studio where they sat and talked. He knows that the radio stations, record labels, and Dj's want pop sounding party music over the real gritty “gangsta” street music. Most rappers today have become famous by being a moniker for wealth and success while promoting drug use and the thug life. Shake Dizzy wants to exemplify his integrity by telling the world his story and letting people know that life is tough, but there are other ways out. He’s faced many unfortunate circumstances, such as having to drop out of college after not being able to afford it, his father’s recent illness, and now the difficulties of a scarce job market. Regardless of all that, Shake Dizzy chases after his dream of making music. His attitude is: Life is hard, but I won’t let that stop me from doing what I love. "DIZZY, DIZZY, DIZZY ENTERTAINMENT!!!!" 2K8 & BEYOND Website : www.shakedizzyent.com www.facebook.com/shakedizzy www.myspace.com/shakedizzy www.youtube.com/shakedizzy25 www.sonicbids.com/shakedizzy www.twitter.com/shakedizzy25 Discography : Fresh Outta Bricktown, Jan. 03, 2009 www.cdbaby.com/shakedizzy itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster- search “Shake Dizzy” "Aint Like Diddy" New Single, April 20, 2010 www.cdbaby.com/shakedizzy1 itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster- search “Shake Dizzy”

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