Lady Cham on MC Family West Indian Times It’s not often that you hear a new group and you immediately think ‘wow’ but if you get the opportunity to hear MC Family you’ll immediately think ‘wow, the next TOK!’ That’s how hot this group of three young men are, the potential that they have is amazing and if harnessed right they will blow up and take the reggae scene by storm in fact like a hurricane! MC Family consists of Andre ‘Hollow Tip’ Brown, Leonard ‘Shake’ Llewellyn and Vian ‘Trees’ Nelson. The group initially began as ‘Murder Charge in Piper High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, however ‘Hollow Tip’ moved from Florida to Virginia and met up with ‘Shake’ who had moved from New York and ‘Trees’ who had moved from DC. They met while Tip, Trees and Shake’s girlfriend were working at Dunns River Restaurant, the three realized that they all had the same musical dream, they vibed well together and they had the same Jamaican background so they decided to get together and take Murder Charge to the next level. Because they are not just a group but are more like a family they have decided to go by the name MC Family. They know it takes hard work and determination to survive in the reggae industry and these young men began making music in a basement, they then went to a studio where for $25 an hour they had 3 tracks produced. They then let people hear their tracks and a friend of theirs Sean Linja of Love People Sound introduced them to Sleepy Wonder of No Choice Stuios and so now every Sunday they work in the studio with Sleepy and they are grateful to have a Jamaican producer who has knowledge and history in the reggae music industry. What each member adds: Trees is the singer of the group and is 21 years old. Trees began singing when he was a young boy and has a sweet voice that will win all the ladies. Hollow Tip is the DJ of the group and is 21 years old. He initially began in the business in Jamaica on the management side, while at St. Catherine High school he managed a young artist. Shake is the Rapper of the group and is 24 years old. Shakes says he recently found out that most reggae artists don’t write their own music and is happy that MC Family has the capability to write their own material. The three are like brothers and say that because there are so many negative influences out there, they have keep each other positive and encourage each other. They hang out together and live their lives like brothers. They have a new single entitled ‘Any Family That Prays Together Stays Together’ and they say it’s real, they are three lives combining as one; as a family. With regards to their name, they want the world to know that the name Murder Charge stems from the fact that any riddim they are on "dem murder!" When Trees starts singing you are roped in by his sexy voice, Tip as a DJ has begun to write songs and is lyrically growing every day; Shakes with his rap background can freestyle on any riddim. In fact the entire group can work on any riddim presented to them including reggaeton, cultural, upbeat it doesn’t matter. They have over 20 tracks so far including: ‘Wake up this morning’, ‘Cell phone search’, ‘I thought you were the one’, ‘Thugs and hustler’ to name a few. The potential is there so watch out for the MC Family!!!!” - Lady Cham

— West Indian Times