1. Im Fresh

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Im Fresh

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This is when you on your fly shit. Just ballin out...


I’m Fresh

I’m Fresh/
When I hop up out the brand new lex/
I’m Fresh/
When I dress I dress to impress/
I’m Fresh/
All the chicks they be like yes/
A dude so fly/
You just can’t deny/
I’m Fresh/
When I hop up out the brand new range/
I’m Fresh/
VVS diamonds shining on my chain/
I’m Fresh/
All the chicks they be like damn/
A dude so fly/
You just can’t deny/
I’m Fresh

Verse 1
A yo I’m stepping out fresher than a mutha fucka/
In my brand new fresh Louie V chuckas/
You never seen those/
I paid a G for those/
Straight crack like it came from the kilo/
No repo/
My whips paid fo’/
Black on black sport 08’ range ro’/
While you standing on line like a free throw/
We make a private entrance through the back do’/
Yeah you ball but we ball much harder/
You chillin’ with your man we chillin’ with Vince Carter/
Go head make a order/
Drinks on me/
We coppin’ bottles like water/
I’m on the border/
Damn near drunk/
Shorty on me lil’ mama whatcha want/
She messing with me/
Said she wanna see my keys/
If you wanna see my keys/
Gotta let me pop ya trunk/
Cuz …

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
We in this mutha fucka actin’ like a fool/
Like we just came home and we know the rules/
If you wanna know who’s down with the crew/
Just look for the dudes rockin’ heavy ass jewls/
And you know that we came with da tools/
So if you got a problem/
Somebody better stop him/
Cuz I’ll solve him/
My young boy will hit’em/
Then we make and exit through the back of da kitchen/
I hope you listen/
Hommie make ways/
Cuz I paid 250 just for the shades/
And my waves/
Ya chick really like dis/
Cuz I bring the ocean to the beach that’s a nice mix/
Please recite this/
When I’m on stage/
At your local club doing hits to get paid/
If you see me and you don’t know what to say/
I don’t got a problem/
As long as you tell me/

(Repeat chorus)