1. Dimes

From the recording Dimes

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This song was inspired from a real incident that took place while I was living in VA. The first verse is based on a true story.



These are the lives and time/
These are the lives of dimes/
Why couldn’t she/
Why couldn’t she be mine/
Good girls are so hard to find/
So hard to find (2x)

Verse 1
I was at the gas station/
Pumping gas patiently/
Then a candy cream caddy rolled right next to me/
Shorty stepped out looking straight like extasy/
How could it be/
Shorty had a dike chick next to she/
Light skin a rainbow belt around her waist/
Not even to mention her face/
Shorty got taste/
And I could tell that quick/
From the way how her outfit was laced/
She someone I would date/
And I won’t stay out late/
Cuz I know that she’s fixing a plate/
Some how I feel raped/
Another chick is holding my pride/
Only if you could see my eyes/
I’m not surprise/
It’s more like a pain inside/
Another princess lost to the lack of pride/
Pray to god to bless they soul as I wave goodbye/
Cuz me trying to holla is a waste of time/
(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Any way I’m in my new escalde/
Driving to the ATM so I could get paid/
Put my CD in wine the windows down/
It’s kinda warm/
Plus I want a better look around town/
NY plates/
In a down south state/
Don’t take to long to start a conversa-tion/
Ok hun/
Shorty looking kinda fly/
I seen her from a distance in the corner of my eye/
I wanna say hi/
But this 745/
Don’t know if he wanna make a left or a right/
She stopping traffic and shorty so thick/
That them apple bottoms jeans look like they bout to rip/
She showing off them hips/
With a hell of a twist/
Woulda thought that shorty was a modeling chick/
She started to cross the street/
So I had to switch lanes/
When she turned around/
Shorty looked like T-Pain/
Damn/ (Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Damn, now what was I to do/
A pocket full a loot/
And I aint got a clue/
Maybe I should try my luck and go and hit the mall or/
Say forget it all and/
Go a play some ball/
Gave my man a call/
Trying to see whats up/
But he was laying with a chick somewhere in the cut/
I started my jeep up and/
Just my luck/
This shorty walked up/
Like “can you give me a jump?”/
(Repeat chorus)