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Shake Dizzy


Shake Dizzy... My Man!!! “You’re going to be a Superstar!,” said Diana Meltzer number 1 A&R formally of Wind Up Records, after he performed for her at her private NYC Penthouse event. Shake Dizzy is the resurrection of 90s rap and reggae, his influences are Nas, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Beenie man & Bounty Killa. His sound is similar to Nas and 50 cent. Over all, Shake Dizzy stays true to the art of rhyming and being a rapper. Having such an incredible sound and persona, Teddy Riley invited him to his personal studio where they sat and talked. He knows that the radio stations, record labels, and Dj's want pop sounding party music over the real gritty “gangsta” street music. Most rappers today have become famous by being a moniker for wealth and success while promoting drug use and the thug life. Shake Dizzy wants to exemplify his integrity by telling the world his story and letting people know that life is tough, but there are other ways out. He’s faced many unfortunate circumstances, such as having to drop out of college after not being able to afford it, his father’s recent illness, and now the difficulties of a scarce job market. Regardless of all that, Shake Dizzy chases after his dream of making music. His attitude is: Life is hard, but I won’t let that stop me from doing what I love.


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Fresh Outta Bricktown, Jan. 03, 2009
itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster- search “Shake Dizzy”

"Aint Like Diddy" New Single, April 20, 2010
itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster- search “Shake Dizzy”


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Treez - SingJay

Vian "Treez" Nelson is a singjay/deejay from Westmoreland, Jamaica West Indies. He was first inspired by his father, John Nelson who is a very good singer but did not pursue a music career. Treez started off playing the drums and singing in a church choir at a very young age. He migrated to the United States at the age of 13 and moved to DC to live with his father.

Treez early beginnings in the U.S. was not a productive one. He dropped out of high school and had several run-ins with the law before he decided to redirect his future and take on music seriously. Treez moved to Virginia where he met a rapper from New York named Shake and a deejay from Jamaica named Tip. The trio formed a group called MC Family. MC Family went on to garner local success and opened for several big artist such as TOK, Mr. Vegas, Munga and Bounty Killa to name a few. The group also released a mix tape hosted by Father Bentley in 2007 before the group decided to part ways. Treez moved back to DC and continued to pursue his music career. He has been featured on the Mendocino Riddim with Spragga Benz artist, Xyclone and has also released new music on the Speedometer Riddim and the Opium Riddim produced by Payday Music Group. Treez is looking forward to making a big impact in the music industry and working with music artist like Damian Marley and Chris Brown. He is currently being managed by Shake Dizzy.

Instagram/Twitter: @Treezmuzic

Facebook: TreezMuzic

Booking: 347.394.6031

Email: shakedizzy@gmail.com


Zam - Artist

Zam (born July 11, 1995) is a talented 18 year old Guyanese/Indian American rapper from Shadyville Queens, NY. He got the name Zam from his real name Shazam Shameer. Growing up in a Caribbean household with his parents from Guyana, he was exposed to soca, calypso, and reggae music. Zam was separated from his father at a very young age and has very little memory of visiting him in Guyana after his father was deported from the U.S. to Guyana. Growing up without a dad forced him to become the man of the house and he said that it wasn't easy. Zam fell in love with hip hop around the time when he was in elementary school. He wrote his first rap when he was 9 years old, when him and a couple classmates bet each other to write a rap overnight and Zam was the only one that came back to school with a rap which he says he still remembers today. By the time Zam was in high school, he was still writing raps with influences by Fabolous and Lil Wayne, but started hanging out with the wrong crowd and joined a gang by the age of 14. He was living the life of crime and started getting locked up over and over which forced his mom to spend thousands of dollars every time to get him out. Through his ups and downs, Zam was still writing and started recording his raps, but when he would play it to his fellow gang members, they would put him down, telling him that he won't make it and he wasn't good enough. Determined to make it, Zam decided to stop gang bangin and turned his life around. He graduated high school and started recording his first mixtape. He is currently signed to and being managed by underground rapper Shake Dizzy's independent label Dizzy Entertainment, and they are working together to release Zam's first mixtape.